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Included on Hi-NRG, Synthpop, Dance Rock, New Romantic, and other indie-dance-genre playlists, Lucky Day is fast becoming the dance anthem of 2022!

Travel back in time with us to 200,022 B.C. and find out that dating was just as difficult then as it is today. The Lucky Day video features a happy band of cave people, a dinosaur who just wants to join the party, and a pterodactyl who doesn't care for the high notes!

Hailing from the Sonoran Desert, indie dance/pop five-piece Electric Sol is embodies the rugged individualism and freedom of the Great American Southwest. Independent, curious, open minded, and respectful, these quirky nerds love learning from each other’s wide-ranging life perspectives, which span generations, political views, religions, and more. In addition to sharing a passion for music and dancing, the Solmates have individual obsessions for things like chess, cooking, fitness, bell peppers, dogs, auto racing, and writing.

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